The Sustainability Advisory Committee Meeting will take place on Thursday, August 6

In an effort to continue the work of the Sustainability Committee and minimize the spread of COVID-19, the Sustainability Advisory Committee meeting on August 6 at 6PM   will be online and will be broadcasted  through Facebook Live.

All Committee meetings are open to the public. Please send your comments in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Facebook Message.

 Agenda items include:  



    • Call to Order and roll call

    • Review/Approval of June 4, 2020 meeting minutes

    • Public Comment Period (Approx. 3 minutes per email comment)

    New Business –80 minutes

    • Review of each subcommittee’s progress on climate action commitments for the Climate Emergency Resolution, the City’s current greenhouse gas reduction goals and those of the NYS Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). See Greenhouse Gas Reduction Worksheet.

    • Approval of Annual Report (August 2018 to May 2020)

    • MOU with SUNY Albany (Ewa & Jason)

    • Legacy Subcommittee -working with underserved communities (Andre)

    • CCA update and Heat Smart Capital Region (Tina)

    • ElectrifyNY – Getting Capital Region Municipalities EV Ready (Dan, Jason)

    • Proposed Amendments to SAC By-Laws – Update (Tina, Jason)

    • Commissioner Updates (J. Coffey, F. Zeoli, R. Milano, C. Spencer, B. Trudeau)

    • Committee Updates (S. Kellog, S. Misiewicz, P. Sheehan, E. Sobczynska, L. Wheelock, T. Lieberman)