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The City of Albany is implementing the Energy Conservation Policy, a set of guidelines for employees to help the city cut down on energy use and waste. Read the following message from Mayor Jennings and download the policy (Adobe PDF, 300KB) itself.

To all City of Albany personnel:

The City of Albany spends more than $7 million dollars a year on energy for buildings, vehicles, and streetlights. Through simple actions performed on a daily basis, we can all reduce these energy costs and address budget downfalls in more important areas, such as staffing resources. The Sustainability Working Group has prepared, and I have approved, the City of Albany Energy Conservation Policy that will govern energy use throughout City departments. All employees are expected to abide by this policy at all times.

To help employees and departments follow this policy, each department has assigned Sustainability Ambassador(s). These employees have agreed to serve as contacts for employees in each department in the implementation of this policy. They will be available to provide resources and assistance as needed on an on-going basis. An implementation manual with instructions on how to follow the policy will also be available through Sustainability Ambassadors and by email from the Mayor’s Office of Energy & Sustainability .

While the Policy has been prepared specifically for City employees, many of its provisions can also be applied, with little or no modification, to households and businesses. We hope that by adopting this Energy Conservation Policy the City of Albany will better serve the community and inspire our employees, their families, and the public to engage in practices that will save energy and improve our community.

Mayor Gerald D. Jennings

Tip of the Month

Take the stairs, for your health. A single average (8 floors) round trip elevator ride uses the same amount of electricity as running a desktop computer and monitor for 15 minutes. For those that are able to, taking the stairs is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs while working in a little extra exercise into your day.

Climbing multiple flights of stairs has been shown to improve muscle strength, lung capacity, and bone density, not to mention burning 10 calories per minute. For those with New Year’s resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle, taking the stairs can be a great start that has the potential to benefit everyone.

Have an energy saving idea?

We want to hear it! If you are a City of Albany employee and have a suggestion for how to help the City become more energy efficient, use the form in the Contact Us section of this website or email us at .

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