City of Albany Energy Plan

The Albany Energy Plan is a strategic plan to reduce the City's energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions in a cost-effective manner while ensuring reliability and resilience. The City of Albany partnered with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to create the plan. The Plan was developed over a year of in-depth analysis and multiple stakeholder meetings. The finished plan, which was released in early 2015, provides a comprehensive approach to energy use reduction and management, both within municipal operations and city-wide. The City is continuing to work with NYPA to implement recommendations from the plan. Read the full plan here.

Climate Action Plan

The City created a Climate Action Plan (Adobe PDF) as part of Albany 2030, the City's comprehensive plan. The climate action plan sets goals for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and outlines strategies for achieving these goals. 

Albany Climate Change - Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan

Climate change presents the City of Albany with both challenges and opportunities; understanding what these challenges and opportunities are is a crucial first step in preparing Albany for a changing climate. The Albany Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan (Adobe PDF), completed in 2013, examines how the City of Albany will be most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and what actions the City should take to become more resilient.

Capital Region Sustainability Plan

In 2011, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the creation of the Cleaner, Greener Communities Program, which focuses on creating more sustainable communities across New York State. The Program is intended to guide and support integrated, sustainable solutions and improve the quality of life throughout the State. Through this Program, NYSERDA helped New York State communities establish sustainability plans and implement smart development practices.

Bicycle Master Plan

The City of Albany, in partnership with the Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC), created a Bicycle Master Plan to identify a network of bicycle routes to improve cycling as a viable mode of transportation throughout the City. The network will support a safe and healthy transportation alternative and enhance the quality of life in the City. Read the Albany Bicycle Master Plan (Adobe PDF).

Bike Signage and Wayfinding Strategy

The City of Albany Bicycle Signage and Wayfinding Strategy is part of a larger effort to promote bicycling as a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation in Albany. The report (Adobe PDF) includes an existing conditions inventory of relevant planning documents and analysis of bicycle traffic in Albany. The strategy also includes overall guidance on the type and design of proposed signage, as well as the identification of 11 priority wayfinding signage routes.

Bike Share Feasibility Study

The City of Albany Bike Share Feasibility Study is part of a larger effort to promote bicycling as a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation in Albany. The Study (Adobe PDF) outlines the feasibility of a bike share system within the city. It includes an introduction to bike sharing technology and its history, a discussion of benefits (financial, health, transportation, etc), a summary of comparable systems in North America, an analysis of the local context and a list of recommendations and next steps for the City of Albany.

Albany Electric Vehicle Feasibility Study

The City of Albany, New York, in its continued efforts to identify ways to become a more sustainable and livable city, has undertaken a feasibility study to examine ways it can support and promote the use of Electric Vehicles (EV). This Electric Vehicle Feasibility Study (Adobe PDF, 5.0MB), funded by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), aims to identify what actions must be taken to make a city "EV Ready".

Digital Sustainability Conversations – How Local Governments can Engage Residents Online

The Mayor's Office of Energy and Sustainability, in partnership with the City of Richmond, VA, and the Urbans Sustainability Directors Network (USDN), developed "Digital Sustainability Conversations: How Local Governments can Engage Residents Online" (Adobe PDF, 10 MB) to provide a step by step guide for sustainability professionals and local government officials.