Biking releases no emissions and is great exercise and recreation. The City's 2009 Albany Bike Plan (Adobe PDF) is a comprehensive plan dedicated to increasing bicycle use across the Capital Region. Additional signs and bike lanes are raising awareness and making it considerably easier for commuters to give up their cars and ride a bike. There are a number of bike trails in the area, as well as numerous bicycle-related organizations and blogs, including the Albany Bicycle Coalition, Albany Bike Rescue, and others.

Mass Transit
Using mass transit saves you money on parking, gas and the hassle of driving through traffic. The Capital District Transportation Authority operates buses throughout the Capital Region. Using the tools on their website you can search for routes for your commute and find time tables. CDTA buses also have bike racks on the front so that people can take their bikes on the bus with them. Varying levels of payment are available, such as day passes, 10-trips, or monthlies.

Car Share
If you are looking for the flexibility of a car without having to actually own one, then Capital CarShare is for you. Capital CarShare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing convenient, affordable, and sustainable neighborhood transportation. Members of Capital CarShare have 24/7 access to vehicles located in their neighborhoods.

Carpooling reduces the number of vehicles on our roads, helping lower our greenhouse gas emissions and save on fuel costs. Ipool2 is an excellent resource for finding carpools in the Capital Region. Members can sign up to find others who share their commute, as well as other options including Park & Ride, forming vanpools, and other transit options.

Shared Fleets
Zipcar now offers FastFleet, a system that enables owners of large fleets to transform their existing system into a car share. FastFleet analyzes your current fleet and gives advice on how to trim away costly and polluting vehicles and to use the remaining vehicles more efficiently. Tracking systems installed in each vehicle enables you to keep tabs on who is using a vehicle, what it is being used for, where it is going, and when it is available. Governments, campuses, and large businesses have all seen substantial cost savings after implementing the program.

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Technology
For more information on funding opportunities and resources on alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies that reduce petroleum consumption in transportation, check out the Capital District Clean Communities Coalition (CDCC) website. The CDCC is part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Energy program which is a network of nearly 100 Clean Cities Coalitions across the country.